Our complete fibre optic solution offers a range of services- from fibre optic design, cable installation, fibre optic splicing, testing, fibre optic course, training & certification, to management & maintenance. Based on high technology manufacturing process and the most modern up-to-date state-of-the-art production facilities, with total commitment in producing high quality Optical Fiber Cables.


We install and terminate all types of fibre optics including, fault finding, network audits and fusion splicing. We also deal with the highly technical facets of installation, such as splicing, for the contractor who can perform terminations and testing, but may need additional special procedures performed that he does not normally offer.

Telecom Services  - Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning

•  Execution of Turnkey Outside Plant Fiber Optic and Copper Cable Projects.

•  Designing of Fiber Optic and copper Cable Networks. 

• Trenching, Ducting, Cable Laying, Cable Blowing, Manhole / Hand-hole Constructions, Testing and Commissioning of Fiber Optic and     Copper    Cables. 

•  Splicing, Termination, Testing and commissioning services. 

•  Undertaking Annual Maintenance on Complete Fiber & Copper Cable Networks. 

•  Supply of Test and Measuring equipments and other OSP materials such as Warning Board, Warning Tape, PVC Ducts, HDPE  Ducts, Joint     Kits, Patch Panels, Cabinets and 19" Racks etc. 

•   Operation and Maintenance ( O&M ) of FOC / Copper Networks. •   Supervision of Outside Plant (OSP) projects. 

•  Training on Fiber and Copper Cable Installations.